There are many occasions and situations which may arise, often unexpectedly, and which lead you into dispute with another person. Very often the only way to resolve such a dispute is through the intervention of a Solicitor. Whether you are in a dispute with a neighbour, your employer, a Local Authority or public body; if someone had broken an agreement with you; if you have received faulty goods or inadequate services for which you have paid, then you should take legal advice without delay.

Russel McPhate will advise you fully with regard to your rights. He will do his utmost to assist you in resolving your dispute as amicably as possible and without the need for court action.

If your dispute cannot be resolved without going to court he will guide you through every step of the process, keeping you fully advised as to the prospects of success, the procedures to be followed, the time scales involved and the likely costs to you. With many years of experience in a wide range of areas Russel can be relied upon to give you the best possible service and to achieve the best outcome for you.

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