Family Law


There is nothing more traumatic than a separation, particularly when there are children involved. Feelings and emotions run high and it is all to easy to find yourself locked into a confrontational attitude where incrimination rather than conciliation governs your actions. You will be getting advice from family and friends about what you should or shouldn’t say or do but every situation is different and the advice which you get may not be right for you and may make matters worse.

Our Court Partner Russel McPhate will give you impartial advice on both your rights and your obligations in the event of a relationship breakdown. His friendly and sympathetic manner will lead you through the minefield of decisions which you will require to take and make the process easier. By negotiating on your behalf, he will ensure that any settlement is reached in a fair and reasonable way whilst taking the pressure away from you.

If it is necessary for Court Proceedings to be raised he will guide you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome whilst minimising the inevitable stress and inconvenience to you.

If as a result of your separation a property needs to be sold or transferred or if you require to take independent financial advice, Russel will refer you to our in-house Independent Financial Adviser who can give you the help and advice you need.

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