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Term Assurance is usually the cheapest and simplest form of life insurance. You are insured for a set term and amount until a mortgage or loan is paid off. Or alternatively it can be used for business purposes to insure a key person in the business. The policy pays out if you die within the term. If you don’t die within that time, you receive nothing.

Term policies can either be level or decreasing. A level simply means that the sum insured remains level throughout the term of the policy. If you die on the first day of the policy, you get exactly the same sum as you would if you died nearer the end of the policy. A decreasing term assurance policy on the other hand will pay out more at the beginning of the policy than it would at the end and decreasing term assurance would normally be used to provide cover for a capital and interest mortgage as it would decrease in line with your outstanding mortgage.

You can add other benefits to a basic term assurance policy, but please contact us to discuss your requirements and explain your protection cover in more detail.

Inheritance Tax Planning is beneficial so that with forward planning you can ensure that your whole estate is passed on correctly to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

We offer a fee only or fee/commission basis. Commission only applies to protection business and cannot be paid for any investment business. Our charges are usually around £250.00.

Not all IHT planning is regulated by the FCA.

Morgans is a trading name of The Morgan Law Partnership which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Financial Services. FCA Number 427236.

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